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Time studies with MEZA
Reliable and sure functioning
MEZA not only enables the user to quickly evaluate any kind of time study but furthermore provides numerous features for establishing an efficient time study management.

The program offers you the greatest possible flexibility when processing the study, and the assurance of always being able to review all changes. An unalterable master file and a chronological alteration protocol ensure excellent reproducibility.


  • Evaluation of cyclical and non-cyclical time studies
  • Protection of original data
  • Continuous unalterable modification log
  • Multi job studies (up to 999 clocks)
  • Time band graphics (horizontal and vertical)
  • Combining and splitting of break points, activities and studies
  • Embedding of photos, graphics and video clips
  • Unlimited text to break point, activity and time study
  • Integrated allowance time evaluation with time type statistic and indicators
  • Transfer of time study templates to MULTIDATA
  • Many standard print outputs and user defined forms
  • Export to other systems (online/offline)
with MULTIDATA or Tablet PC




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