Gaining insight
Activity sampling
Wouldn‘t you also like to obtain more information about the actual course of events in your operations without great cost?
Your increasing requirements for up-to-date data for analyzing weak spots, times of use and disturbance parameters can be covered with the MULTI application. You will be surprised at how easy it is to get results that used to take days and weeks to obtain.  

Activity sampling is a versatile method which delivers detailed and differentiated information about your factory. For efficient activity sampling it is most important to have flexible evaluation in which the results can be sorted, filtered and classified.
This is possible with MULTI.


You prepare your activity sampling study at the PC. The inspection tour times will be created automatically and subsequently be transmitted to the acquisition system or tablet pc.


No matter whether MULTIDATA or tablet PC: the recording of observations is simple and safe. All changes occurring can be considered directly on site and evaluations are possible at any time.


Investigate your data using the whole spectrum of evaluation possibilities in MULTI. Group analysis, filter functions and time profiles will help you to present the results exactly the way you need it.