Industrial stop watches
Since many years Hanhart is the most important producer of high-precision stop watches in the world. The digital stop watch SPECTRON can be used for time study execution according to the REFA method. Together with the DRIGUS Clipboard it is a well-priced alternative for sporadic occurring time studies.

EUR 116,81    excl. VAT
EUR 139,00    incl. VAT
plus shipping costs
2 key handling
Selectable: 1/100 min, 1/100 sec
LCD display: 2,5 lines
Upper line: 6 digits and battery condition
Lower line: 7 digits
Function window: for lap/normal time
Memory display: 2 digits
Digit height: 7 mm / 5 mm
Range: upper line: 9999,99 min
lower line: 99999,99 min
Size: 82 x 61 x 28 mm
Weight: 85 g
Battery: Micron cell (AAA) 1,5 V
Runtime: ca. 5-7 years
Features in 1/100 min mode:
Start/Stop/Reset - Split/Lap/Addition
Split and lap are displayed at the same time
Time and date
Features in 1/100 sec mode:
Start/Stop/Reset - Addition/Split/Lap/Short-Lap
Count-Down, time and date
65 memory cells for split and lap 65 memory cells with evaluation, quick search
DRIGUS Clipboard

EUR 55,00    excl. VAT
EUR 65,45    incl. VAT
plus shipping costs
Size: 445 mm x 350 mm x 3 mm
Form: DIN A4 landscape
Weight: 450 g

Suitable for the following digital
Hanhart stop watches:

- Spectron
- Profil
- Delta
- Stopstar
- Pro-Solar
- Magma
- Modul

Stop watch not included.


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