New impulses
Data acquisition
Time studies - safe and reproducable
according to the REFA method


With MEZA and tablet PC
Data evaluation
Perfect integration from time study to work plan
With high tech acquisition systems and powerful software we cover the complete area from data acquisition over plan time generation up to work planning.

All DRIGUS components can be applied separately or as integrated solution.

Our products are available in different stages of expansion: from starter edition for time management up to complete solution for work planning with ERP interface.

And of course your DRIGUS system can be expanded anytime you want: compatibility and the possibility to access data from elder program versions is a matter of course for us.

Do you want to apply DRIGUS software with alternative languages? No problem.

The DRIGUS language concept enables you to build up a multilingual data base.


System requirements
MEZA - Prepare, execute and evaluate time studies PLAZET - from regression analysis to work planning
MULTI - Gain insight with activity sampling TAKTOS - for optimal line balancing

FORMAS - Design your own user interface and print outputs

REGRESSA - Test series and regression analysis