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For example for an acquisition device which was developed especially for time studies and activity sampling. In developing the MULTIDATA we had a clear goal in our mind’s eye: to create a robust ergonomic acquisition system based on modern components, extremely energy-efficient and comfortable – an optimal tool for every time study coworker.

The result is the MULTIDATA 6, equipped with a brilliant color display, power saving LED backlight and touch screen. The optimal arranged keyboard with precise pressure point allows the user to fully concentrate on the observed process instead of keeping an eye on the display.

By using modern technology the device stays light-weight and has a very long runtime – good for your mobility and independence.

Development to the point
The Windows software is intuitively operable and offers features such as handwriting recognition, embedding of media files, and much more. USB and Ethernet interfaces provide excellent flexibility in data exchange with other systems.
Time studies

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Technical data

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