MEZA Time study
More than a simple solution
With the help of the safe and approved DRIGUS software your PC turns into a time study device. MEZA offers time study preparation, execution and evaluation within one system.

For all kinds of time studies – with all convenience.
Tablet PC/Notebook
You can execute a time study directly with MEZA using your pc. Thus your notebook or tablet pc turns into an (additional) acquisition device. All features provided by MULTIDATA are available in MEZA as well.

The program surface for the MEZA tablet version was specially designed for touch screen control and enables you to easily operate your time study with a finger or screen pen. All data and information necessary is always available on-site, as well as the complete range of program functions.

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Video assistance
Time study execution with video assistance provides many advantages. In particular, short and unclear processes become more transparent and can easily be observed and analyzed using slow motion and flexible navigation within the video clip.

Moreover the video clip is a perfect visual documentation of the work process observed.

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