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Time studies with video assistance
As alternative to time study execution on-site you can record the process in a video clip and subsequently analyze it at your pc. MEZA provides the possibility to execute a time study on the basis of a video clip. During the video runs you can select activities, choose performance rates and set break points.

The advantage of this method is obvious: even short and unclear work processes can be analyzed exactly with the help of slow motion. As well as complicated processes such as multi job studies with different persons.

While controlling the video clip on the left side with the keys below the window you receive all information necessary on the right side: activity text, performance rates, epsilon and n’ as well as a chronology of the break points already registered. Activity texts can be assigned directly from the standard catalogue by double click.

When executing a multi job study you can select the different work places using the tabs above the video window. The different places (persons) can be recorded simultaneously or one after another. The video clip serves both for time study execution and for a detailed documentation of the process. If necessary you can link a separate video clip to each work place.

The control panel below the video window enables you to flexible navigate within your video clip and to adapt the playback speed and the volume.