Farsighted solutions
for time management
the time study device
Time studies
with tablet PC and MEZA
MEZA time studies:
reaching your goal faster
Each evaluation
at its best
PLAZET plan time generation
Simple and effective
Work planning:
everything is possible
Experience the whole variety of DRIGUS 8.10. The newest versions of our software convince by many new functions and even more flexibility. Use these modern tools to facilitate your daily work for the best results in the shortest possible time.

The new dates for 2024
The schedule for 2024 has been finalized: you can now register for our road shows and user work shops. We will of course also continue to offer our popular webinars. Get to know our products and find out how you can achieve the best results quickly and effectively with DRIGUS.


Online presentation
Stay up to date and learn how the DRIGUS system can make your work easier and much more efficient. Our online presentations give you a detailed insight into how our products work. Simply make an appointment and get started.

Getting started
With the DRIGUS starter edition. For all, who need an inexpensive and well-engineerd solution for time study execution and evaluation right now.
With the option for more and without obstructing the way to calculation and work planning. Just more than a simple solution.

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